Unemployment rate highlights need for Coalition policies

Media Release
  • Leader of the Government in the Senate
  • Minister for Employment
  • Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service
  • Senator for Tasmania

The Australian Bureau of Statistics Labour Force figures today reflect the soft labour market and the urgent need for Coalition policies that promote strong economic management.

Minister for Employment Senator Eric Abetz said Coalition policies including the abolition of the Carbon and Mining taxes and the reestablishment of the Australian Building and Construction Commission would create job opportunities.

Today’s figures reveal that full-time employment has now fallen by 67,500 (or 0.8 per cent) over the last year, the largest calendar year decline in full-time employment since December 1992.

“While labour market conditions are clearly soft, the Coalition Government has formulated an economic plan designed to deliver stronger jobs growth right across the country, with a target of two million jobs over the next decade,” Senator Abetz said.

“The Labor-Green alliance continues to delay legislation which will assist job create and a stronger economy which are so desperately needed.”

Coalition policies for job creation and a stronger economy include:

• Cutting the company tax rate to 28.5 per cent from 1 July 2015, which will encourage investment in Australian businesses and help create jobs;

• Abolishing the Carbon and Mining taxes;

• Cutting red tape and ending Government waste; and

• Re-establishing the Australian Building and Construction Commission.

The Government will also be providing greater incentives to help more unemployed Australians back into the workforce including:

• A Job Commitment Bonus payment of up to $6,500, which will encourage long-term unemployed young Australians to find a job and remain off welfare;

• A Seniors Employment Incentive payment of up to $3,250, which will encourage employers to take on mature age job seekers aged 50 and over;

• A Tasmanian Jobs Programme, which will provide an incentive of up to $3,250 to businesses that employ job seekers (who have been out of work for at least six months and are at risk of long-term unemployment) in full-time positions for at least six months.

“Having created the economic mess the Labor-Green alliance should at least have the decency of not hindering the economic clean-up operation which the Australian people voted for at the last election.”

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